Add your phone to the fight against COVID-19.

AlohaSafe Alert is a free, voluntary new service that helps slow the spread of COVID-19. It is the State of Hawaii’s official exposure notification app and has been developed in partnership with the Hawaii State Department of Health.

Download the AlohaSafe Alert app to get COVID-19 exposure notifications and help keep Hawaii safe and healthy – all while maintaining your privacy.

AlohaSafe Alert is:


You control whether or not you receive notifications (you can opt-in/opt-out anytime). Notifications are only triggered if minimum thresholds of exposure are met.


The app does not track your location. It anonymously keeps track of devices you’ve been in close contact with for the past 14 days. Google and Apple cannot see your identity, nor can anyone who receives an exposure alert should you test positive for COVID-19.


Anyone can download the app to their smartphone at no charge.

The app is a safe way to alert you to potential exposure to COVID-19 and help stop the spread of the virus.

How it Works

  • Download the AlohaSafe Alert app on the Apple app store or the Google Play store and run through the setup screens.
  • Your device, using Bluetooth technology, can now anonymously communicate with other phones. Devices running the AlohaSafe Alert app “ping” each other, measuring the strength of the Bluetooth signal and duration of interaction.
  • When your app senses a close contact, the two devices will exchange a secure, random, anonymous code. Location, name and any other identifiable information are never included.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, you will be contacted by a Hawaii State Department of Health contact tracer. During your interview, let them know you have AlohaSafe Alert. You will receive a verification code to anonymously notify others who have been near you about a possible COVID-19 exposure.
  • For an exposure notification to be triggered, devices you were in proximity to in the past 14 days must meet a minimum threshold of exposure, which is a distance of 6 feet or less for a minimum of 15 minutes. The 15 minute threshold is cumulative, so a notification will be sent if you were in close contact with one or more positive individuals for a total of at least 15 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions


What phones can support this app?

  • iPhone users should be on iOS version 13.7 or greater.
  • Android users should be Version 6 or above.

Will AlohaSafe Alert work on iPads or tablets?

  • No. The app will not work on iPads or tablets.

Will AlohaSafe Alert affect battery life or data plan?

  • The app uses low-energy Bluetooth and was designed to use Bluetooth and data minimally. It shouldn’t have a noticeable impact on battery life or data usage.

Does the app need to be open for it to work?

  • No. The app will run in the background, even when it is not open.

Does the app need Bluetooth turned on for it to work?

  • Yes. Bluetooth must be turned on to be able to detect your proximity to other devices.

My workplace already requires me to use a screening app. Can I also use this?

  • Yes. AlohaSafe Alert will work alongside any existing screening tools or applications you already have installed.


Does AlohaSafe Alert track a user’s location?

  • No. It does not use or track any geo-location or GPS data.

Is my privacy protected?

  • The AlohaSafe Alert app does not track your location and notifications do not share the identities of users with one another, the Hawaii State Department of Health, Google/Apple or any other entity. The anonymous codes exchanged between phones are not associated with a specific person, and change every 10-20 minutes to help preserve anonymity.

Is AlohaSafe Alert required?

  • No. It is a voluntary services. You can opt-out anytime by turning off your Exposure Notifications (in Settings) or uninstalling the AlohaSafe Alert app.

If I test positive, will my identity be shared with anyone through an Exposure Notification?

  • No. Your positive test result will only result in an Exposure Notification if you choose to upload your anonymous codes with the contact tracer and those receiving the Notification won’t know who or where they may have been exposed. It is completely anonymous.

Does AlohaSafe Alert, Hawaii State Department of Health, Google or Apple collect personal information?

  • No. AlohaSafe Alert does not use or store any personally identifiable information. The app uses Bluetooth to exchange random codes that are not associated with your name, mobile number, location or IP address.

Where can I see your Privacy Policy?

Exposure Notification

How do I alert others if I receive a positive diagnosis?

  • If you test positive for COVID-19, you will be contacted by a Hawaii State Department of Health contact tracer. During your interview, let them know you have AlohaSafe Alert. You will receive a verification code to anonymously notify others who have been near you about a possible COVID-19 exposure.

I know someone who got a positive result, why didn’t I get a notification from the app? How quickly will I be notified?

  • Exposure notifications require several criteria to be met in order to send a notification. The app must be installed on both devices, a minimum threshold of exposure needs to be met, and  the positive individual needs to upload a verification code they received from the Hawaii State Department of Health.

How quickly will I be notified if I have been exposed?

  • You will be notified once the COVID-positive individual uploads their codes with the contact tracer. You can be notified of any exposure that happened within the last 14 days.

Do I still need to talk to a Hawaii State Department of Health contact tracer? 

  • Yes. Because AlohaSafe Alert is 100% anonymous, the State will not be informed about your possible exposure to COVID-19. AlohaSafe Alert  is intended to complement traditional contact tracing  processes.


Does this work with visitors from other places?

Does AlohaSafe Alert work outside of Hawaii?

    • Yes. The Exposure Notification system will work outside of Hawaii if the area you are traveling to also has an Exposure Notification app that is made interoperable through the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL).

Currently, AlohaSafe Alert is completely interoperable with other Exposure Notification apps in the following regions: Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, North Dakota, Colorado, Washington D.C., Delaware and Wyoming. For an updated list of interoperable states, please visit the following link:

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